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What is the transmission of your car, and what does it really do? Well, depending on your mechanical knowledge, you probably have some idea, and if you don't, just suffice to say that it is critical in all that you do. Think of it as the "legs" of your automobile. Your heart, mind, lungs and other parts may be working fine, but you if you have no legs, you aren't going to go anywhere. The same goes for your car's transmission. We are the experts at transmission repair in Kew Gardens, NY, and we are here to help you and your transmission out in a time of need.

We specialize in many things related to transmission. First, we offer transmission rebuilding. After many years of service, sometimes your transmission just doesn't want to work anymore. But this doesn't mean you have to scrap the whole thing. We can rebuild it and make it new again. We are also the experts at troubleshooting and diagnosing isolated problems with your transmission. Along with this, our transmission repair specialists can perform the transmission maintenance that will keep it running well all along. In other words, it is a good idea to maintain it all along with regular transmission inspection before watiting until it goes kaput.

The concept of the transmission has not changed much, but there are certainly more computuer controls and electronics hooked up to today's systems. We stay up to date on all of the software and technology required to fix modern transmissions. And we bring all of this expertise and knowledge to you at a fair price.

Are you looking for a solid transmission shop in Queens to make your transmission solid again? Then give us a call, or bring it by our conveniently located shop.

We have been in service for many years now, and transmission repair has always been one of our specialities.

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